Mark Egge

Grad. Year:



Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Pan Flute (I only do bar gigs with the pan flute.)


Concert Band, Jazz Band, Concordia Sax Quartet, Bel Canto, Bell Choir, Dr. Breedon Fan Club, Committee to Elect Ms. Joanne Cohen to President


Music Education, music theory

Home town:

Park Rapids "Where they park in the middle of the street!" - Stated by Aaron Johnson

email address:


Collecting Collections (Stamps, Coins, Pez dispensers, comic books, baseball cards, matchbooks, dryer lint, rocks, broken glass, etc.), Taxidermy, Wine Tasting, Yachting, doing impressions of my favorite proffessors

A few words about your experiences at Concordia College:

Well, there isn't a yachting club, so that certainly was a disappointment. But the ensembles and other activities make up for it. Last year, our work in the committee to elect Joanne Cohen to president helped her break .01 percent of the popular vote. It was huge. Gore would have won had Ms. Cohen stayed out of the race. But such is life. And the Dr. Breedon fan club is flourishing. We currently have 3,482 members, 12 percent of whom actually know who he is. (This is a marginal increase from last year's 3 percent!)

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