51em Concours International D'Exucution Musicale, Geneve.

51st International Saxophone Competition, Geneva, Switzerland.

September 2, 1995 - September 9, 1995

Geneva, Switzerland


Richard-F. Jeandin, Switzerland
Philippe Collet, Switzerland
Jean-Yves Formeau, France
Fredrick Hemke, United States
Rudolf Kelterborn, Switzerland
Erik Tangvold, Norway
Marc Tardue, United States
Kazuo Tomioka, Japan
Marcus Weiss, Switzerland


1st Round

Luciano Berio Sequenza IXb

Bach Sonata in A minor

2nd Round

Rudolf Kelterborn Solo fur alten saxophonen (commissioned work for the competition)

Choose 1 piece from the following list:

Desenclos Prelude, Cadence et Finale

Choose 1 piece from the following list:

Denisov Sonata

3rd round

P. Hindemith Sonata

One unaccompanied piece of you choice -- (I played "Wings" by Joan Tower)

Choose 1 piece from the from the following list:

J. Francaix 5 Danses Exotic

P. Maurice Tableaux de Provance

4th Round (with orchestra)

D. Milhaud Scaramouche

Choose 1 from the following list:

F. Schmitt Legende

F. Martin Ballade

For more information on the upcoming Geneva Competitions, check their HOME PAGE

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