Dustin Hellen

Graduation Year:



Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Accordion


Jazz 1, Concordia Concert Band, Sax Quartet, Jazz Combo, and a Polka Band (well, I'm getting one together)


Music Education (Instrumental)

Home town:

Pine River, MN

email address:


JAZZ!, Polkas, Archery, Bowling, Golf, Bowmaking (archery), Chess, Swordmaking, Building things, Computer Stuff, ATV riding, R/C airplanes and boats, and doing things outside.

A few words about your experiences at Concordia College:

Make sure you get involved with as many things as possible, keeping your school work in mind as well. Get the most out of your college experience.

For more information on Concordia College please E-mail Concordia College Music Department at:

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